Roll Chart Generating Software
In an enduro, you proceed at a prescribed mile per hour, and are checked to see how close you maintain a constant mph schedule at secret checkpoints during the event
Roll charts are a list of all the Possible checkpoints in an enduro event, printed on a scroll of paper, and installed in a rollchart holder.
The rider advances the roll chart as he proceeds down the trail, attempting to match the minutes on his clock, and the mileage on his odometer to each possible checkpoint on the rollchart. That's enduro racing.

If you have a list of mileage resets, speed average changes, freet times, and known control locations, you can make your own roll charts in advance.
Click here to see the Michaux enduro rollchart, an example of what I'm talking about...
Instead of hand writing them each night before an event, here is a FREE program to do it for you.

Download the latest version RollChart 3.0 Release 3 for Windows has many new features you will find helpful, including a route sheet and updated for multiple column printing.

If you get errors using this version, download all the updates and patches from microsoft for your windows version

The older version 2.2 Beta is still available for those with compatibility problems.
Scott McLelland (ktm at computer dot org)from AMA District 36 wrote this program and it is free.
The picture is a screen shot using the program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you used an earlier version of this software, uninstall the old version called "ROUTE SHEET"

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